About me

The world breaks everyone but God gives us the strength to push forward and heal the broken parts of our soul. We all have our wounds and scars. I'm just a lady bringing hope into this broken world.

Hey there, I am Lusungu, people close to me call me Sungu. I come from a family of six and I am a writer, on again off again wannabe sketch artist and newly found blogger. I’ve been writing since I was young but only recently begun to take it seriously and see it as more than just a hobby.

One of my greatest struggles as a Christian was finding encouragement and triumph out of life’s troubles in my Christian walk with God. I want to use my gift to remind people that we all go through periods of hardships, we all feel alone, helpless, abandoned and betrayed but even in the dark times AND the good times we can always look to God and he is always there waiting for you.

May this blog give you Hope, Joy and Peace and let’s walk together through this Tunnel of Light as we wait to meet God in his Glory.

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